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Saturday 26 June 2021

GSEB SSC Result 2021 Date & Time - Check Gujarat Board 10th Result

Online Result Checking Process: The result of Std-10 can be declared on 1st July, based on the name or code of the school.

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GSEB Result Notification : View
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GSEB SSC Result 2021 Date and Time - Gujarat Board will announce GSEB 10th result 2021 in the last week of June 2021. Gujarat SSC result 2021 for std 10th will be announced online on and

No seat number or receipt was given as the examination was not held. Consideration on how to declare the result online

Mass promotions have been given to standard 10 students due to the Koro epidemic. However, since the examination was not held, the students were not given seat numbers or receipts. Consideration is being given to how to make the result public online. Efforts are currently being made by the Department of Education to make the results available online. If the result cannot be announced online, the students will have to get the result from the school itself.

Standard 10 results may be announced on July 1. Then DivyaBhaskar is introducing a step by step process on how to check results online.

8.60 lakh will be passed and 7 lakh seats will be an admission problem

8.60 lakh students due to mass promotion. 11 or will be eligible for admission to the next professional course. For these students Std. 11 has 5.50 lakh seats, while diploma and ITI has about 1.50 lakh seats. Thus a total of 7 lakh seats are available for admission. In this case, 8.60 lakh will be passed, which will create an admission problem.

Marksheet will be prepared on the basis of two Std. 9 and one Std. 10 examinations

Jatin Bharade further said that the result will be prepared not from any one of these exams, but from the results of three exams. E.g. If 50 percent result is obtained in three exams, the result will be only 50 percent. If there are different marks in all the three examinations, such as 40 marks in one, 30 marks in the second and 70 marks in the third, then the marks will be given on average. Those who have got first class in Std. 9 can get first class in this.

In simple language e.g. If you want ...

In the first periodical test of Std. 9, if we get 40 marks out of 50 in the subject of Mathematics, if we convert it to 40%, it becomes 16 marks. In the second periodical test of Std. In the first periodical test, if we get 60 marks out of 80 in the subject of mathematics, if we convert it to 37.5 per cent, it becomes 22.5 marks. In the unit test of 10, if we get 20 marks out of 25 in the subject of mathematics, if we convert it to 40 per cent, it becomes 8 marks.

Result = 62.5 out of 80 marks

સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The format will change as there is no seat number

According to an official of the education department, efforts are being made by the board of secondary education to announce the results online. This time the format will change as there is no seat number this year. Efforts are being made to get the result from the name of the school on the board's official website But if that doesn't happen, it's time to dump her and move on. The result is ready and will be announced next week. The result may be announced on July 1.

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Friday 25 June 2021

mAadhaar By UIDAI | How To Download Aadhar Card Online

mAadhaar-UIDAI’s official App for Aadhaar holders with an array of services.

With the goal of reaching out to large numbers of smartphone users, the new mAadhaar is released by the Unique Identification Authority of India.
mAadhaar By UIDAI

The App features an array of Aadhaar services and a personalized section for the Aadhaar holder who can carry their Aadhaar information in form of a soft copy, instead of carrying a physical copy all the time.

The key features in mAadhaar:

Multilingual : In order to ensure the Aadhaar Services are accessible to linguistically diverse residents of India, the menu, button labels and form fields are provided in English as well as in 12 Indian languages (Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu). After installation, the user will be prompted to select any of the preferred languages. However, the input fields in the forms will accept data entered in the English language only. This is done to help the user avoid facing the challenges of typing in regional languages (due to limitations in the mobile keyboards).

Universality: Resident with or without Aadhaar can install this App in their smart phones. However to avail personalized Aadhaar services the resident will have to register their Aadhaar Profile in the App.
Aadhaar Online Services on Mobile: The mAadhaar user can avail the featured services for themselves as well as for any other resident seeking Aadhaar or related help.

The functionalities are broadly grouped as

:Main Service Dashboard: Direct access to download Aadhaar, Order a Reprint, Address Update, Download offline eKYC, Show or Scan QR Code, Verify Aadhaar, Verify mail/email, retrieve UID/EID, Request for Address Validation Letter

Request Status Services: To help resident check the status of various online requests

My Aadhaar: This is a personalized section for Aadhaar holder where the resident will not have to enter their Aadhaar number to avail Aadhaar services. In addition, this section also provides facilities for the resident to lock/unlock their Aadhaar or Biometric Authentication.

Aadhaar Locking – Aadhaar holder can lock their UID/Aadhaar number anytime they wish.
Biometric locking/unlocking secures biometric authentication by locking biometrics data. Once the resident enables the Biometric Locking system their biometric remains locked till the Aadhaar Holder chose to either Unlock it (which is temporary) or Disable the Locking system.

TOTP generation
– Time-based One-Time Password is an automatically generated temporary password that can be used instead of SMS based OTP.

Update of profile
– To updated view of Aadhaar profile data after successful completion of update request.

Sharing of QR code and eKYC data by Aadhaar Number holder helps Aadhaar users share their password-protected eKYC or QR code for safe and paperless verification.

Multi-profile: Aadhaar holder can include multiple (up to 3) profiles (with the same registered mobile number) in their profile section.

વધારે માહિતી માટે આ વિડિઓ જુઓ

આધાર કાર્ડ લિંક ક્યાં છે તે ચેક કરો.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Aadhaar Services on SMS ensures Aadhaar holder avail of Aadhaar services even when there is no network. This needs SMS permission.

Download mAadhaar Official Apk

Locate the Enrollment Center helps the user find the nearest Enrolment Center.
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