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Sunday, 7 March 2021





Select your district, taluka and village.

IPL ટાઈમ ટેબલ ડીકલેર
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New BPL List Gujarat - 2020 | Check your name in the new BPL list

Download New BPL List State Gujarat - 2020 BPL List

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*🌀💥ગુજરાતની દરેક મહિલા ને મળશે* ફ્રી સિલાઈ મશીન અથવા 6000 હજાર *ની સહાય*
*🌀💥ફોનમાંથી ડિલીટ થયેલા ફોટો સરળતાથી પાછા મેળવવા બેસ્ટ એપ.*

See the name of BPL. There is no need to push the gram panchayat

The BPL list has been prepared on the basis of people's income and family status in the ongoing census in our country India. The BPL list has been released by the state government. Friends who want to see their name in the BPL list can now see it online. There is no need to ask anyone to go to the gram panchayat.

Needless to say, families below the poverty line of our state want to see their name in the new BPL list 2020, needless to say, now they can easily see their name from home by going to the online portal through internet.

This link is worth saving as your village BPL will be found in the original article

Those who do not fall under the Poverty Line (BPL) ration card are requested to check the list this year as well.

New BPL List Gujarat 2020: We are updated daily with the latest Gujarat and India level all types of government jobs.

New BPL list Gujarat-2020

See the BPL list of your village here

The only way to live a happy life is not to look at lack. Today our situation is that we do not enjoy what we have received, but by thinking of what is not available, we mourn life.

The root cause of misery is not our needs but our desires. Our needs can be fulfilled at any time, but not desires. Wishes can never be fulfilled and no one has done till today. One wish is fulfilled only then another stands.

So the writers wrote
"" Asha hi paraman dukhman nairasyam paraman sukham ""

Our hope is the root of sorrow. No one in the world can make us unhappy, our expectations only make us cry. It is also true that if there are no desires, how will deeds happen? Disinterestedness comes in a life without desire. But the most willing and dissatisfied are always unhappy.

Junun, courage and experience are the three important formulas for the progress of life.

Junun gets you to do what you could not do. Or he believed that this work is beyond my ability and will never happen to me. It is an act of passion to make possible even possible. If a cosmopolitan emperor ever said that there is a word like impossible in my dictionary Otherwise, it was his passion which was giving him the confidence to fist the world from within.

Hausala makes you do what you want to do. Almost everyone dreams of doing something big or doing something different in life, but in the absence of courage, that great dream of them also becomes a daydream. It is also a good thing to dream of doing something big in life but those dreams are good It is even better to be constantly striving for realization. Those who are constantly on their duty path full of fresh energy, their greatest goals are also fulfilled one day.

Experience makes you do what you should. What will be right or wrong for us ..? Or in whom we will be interested or in what harm ..? Experience is the only teacher who can give us the most accurate answers to all these questions. It is not only necessary to have power, but it is also necessary to have the knowledge that the expenditure of power is in the proper direction.

Experience stops the wastage of our power and motivates us to put it in the best way!

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