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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Online Textbooks Indent System: 2021-22

 Online Textbooks Indent System: 2021-22

 Std.1 to 8 - Procedure for conducting school work

 1. To enable the school to enter data in the online textbook e-data system.

 Registration has to be done on website.

 2. The name and mobile number of the head teacher using the school's own UDISE code

 Give the school registration.

 ઃ Type of school: Government, Adanatu, K. B. B.V., Amshala, Module and

 Choose a medium.

 શાળા School of Std. 1 to 8 to choose its taluk / municipality.

  Std.  If there is a school from 1 to 12, they will be selected as Taluk / Municipality and SVS

 Have to.

 3. Non-Mau textbooks for Std. 1 to 8 selected by the school Taluka / Nagarpalika

 The school will be found nearby.

 4. In case of change in the name and mobile of the head teacher of the school,

 Modify the information by contacting the Primary Education Officer or Govt.

 (UDISE code is required.)

 5. School Std., Medium, Subject Selected Lessons

 The entrepreneur will submit.

 6. TS CTS Ⱥ for the demand of textbooks for the academic year 2021-22.

 The order will be checked online and then the demand will be accepted.

 7. બાદ Then click on Request Books-> STD 1 TO 8 ROUND_1.

 8. Demand Books STD 1 to 8 Round - 1 (New Requirement Opportunities) in Standard-Medium-Subject

 Select Ž Enter TS CTS Ⱥ when you need it.

 9. Entry Report Std 1 - 8 Rep in Reports Man to get this information to Reporter.

 Check the reporter.

 10. After entering all the above information and checking the report, in the report “Confirm”

 Read this paripatra click here

Read this paripatra click here


 and Lock ”will lock your information.  ાર Then any of this information

 Improvements cannot be made.  This work will be slowed down from school on 26/02/2021

 The secret to success

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