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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

how to check your gas subsidy status

 how to check your gas subsidy status

Now check your gas subsidy at home, you can install this app through in very simple and easy way. You can also get information about the gas agency that has taken your connection from the agency, how many times it took the gas, you will get complete information.

❏ How to Check for Gas Subsidy Status Online from mobile?

✔ Customers can receive the subsidy in their bank accounts through two methods. 

✔ Aadhar number will be the medium of transfer. This number will have to be linked to his/her bank account and to the provided LPG consumer number. 

✔ In case the customer does not have an Aadhar number, then he/she can avail the subsidy directly to the bank account by either providing the bank account information to the LPG distributor or by providing the 17 digit LPG consumer ID to his/her bank.

❏ Key Features :

✔ Gas Subsidy Check Online

✔ Book Cylinder Online

✔ Track Your Cylinder

✔ Portability of Distributor

✔ Register New Connection

✔ Apply for New Connection Online

✔ Register Second Cylinder

✔ Check if You need KYC

✔ Know Your Distributor

✔ Find Your nearer Distributor

✔ Give up Subsidy Voluntarily

✔ Buy 5 KG Cylinder

✔ Find Your 17 Digit LPG ID

✔ Know about PAHAL

✔ Surrender Multiple Connection

✔ Rate Your Distributor

✔ Customer Care

how to check gas subsidy

Check your gas subsidy status

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