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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Questions for rehearsal for all candidates appearing for NMMS examination

Questions for rehearsal for all candidates appearing for NMMS examination in a joint venture of Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training, Gandhinagar and State Examination Boar


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Section 1 Mental Ability Test Instruction
NOTE: The figures in the following questions are arranged in a series of numbers according to a specific rule, missing one digit. Put it in place (?). Find the matching number from the given four options. (These types of questions consist of numbers in a certain way between numbers. There is a definite relationship between one number and another and so on. There will be different questions on this page every Thursday and Monday.)

Time is valuable and not valuable. The earnings of our entire life will not be able to buy even a single moment of time, then what is the misuse of time?

Must be busy, but be creative, positive and creative, only then will the use of time be understood. Time does not go with anyone. We have to go with this and one thing time does not stop for anyone.

So time is priceless, every moment is happening, it is today, not tomorrow, it is not yet again. Therefore, the importance of time should be specially understood and your life should be put in good works, in best works. The wise use of time is intelligence and the misuse of time is very foolish.

Collection of useful videos for NMMS exam
Videos for NMMS 2021 have been posted today. This video explains the questions asked in the exam which
Very useful for bright students of standard 8. I want to link to 26 different videos.
(1) What should I keep in mind before the exam?
(2) Ideal Question Paper Part-1: -
(3) Ideal Question Paper Part-2: -
(4) Solution to the question paper of 2011,2013,2014,2015: -
(5) Solution to the question paper of 2016,2017: -
(6) How many squares, rectangles will be formed in the given figure?: -
(7) Very important questions of section 2: -
(8) Find out which figure differs from the other: -
(9) Mirror Figure and Water Figure Questions: -
(10) Solution of Section B of 2017: -
(11) Determining the position in the row: -
(12) Blood relationship based questions: -
(13) Learn to find out what time it will be on any date: -
(14) Age based questions: -
(15) What are the questions asked in NMMS?: -
(16) Things to keep in mind while filling OMR sheet: -
(17) More marks are deducted only in section B. Questions to keep in mind: -
(18) Complete solution of 2018 question paper: -

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