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Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Std all std 1 to 9 and 11 mas pramoshan aapvama aavse

Std all std 1 to 9 and 11 mas pramoshan aapvama aavse

The decision to start a school-college in Gujarat from November 23 has been postponed due to Corona’s growing transition

Due to the prevailing situation in Corona, the decision to start schools and colleges in Gujarat from November 23 has been postponed by the state government.

Ahmedabad changed schedule this time due to Corona. The Gujarat government wants to extend the academic session after Diwali. Under normal circumstances the first session starts in the month of June and lasts for 105 days. The session ends with a 21-day Diwali holiday. The 21-day holiday usually starts two to three days before Diwali and ends around Devdivli, but this time the schedule has changed due to Corona. The second semester will be reimbursed in the second semester.

The second semester will be reimbursed in the second semester. The second season will be of 150 to 155 days, as the time spent in the next season can be offset. The schools will open in late November, which means the next five months will be in late May. The government is preparing to invite students from 9th grade to 12th grade after the Diwali holiday. This year, Diwali holiday in schools in Gujarat has been kept for two weeks from 29 October to 18 November.

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